My Australia

By Julie Murphy and Garry Fleming (National Library of Australia Publishing, 2018)

Premier’s Reading Challenge lists: Queensland (1-3), NSW (K-2)

My Australia is a poetic journey across the Australian landscape. Celebrating both the ancient and modern Australia, this book invites readers to travel across the delights of our continent -from dry deserts to lush rainforests, high mountains to stormy seashores, and winding rivers to fertile swamplands – all the magical places that are my Australia. With colourful illustrations by Garry Fleming, this beautifully simple story is sure to excite young readers, encouraging a greater awareness and appreciation of our precious and irreplaceable natural places.


“This is a publication not to be missed. Its beauty and expression should be part of every library, in every suitcase that travels out of Australia, and on every bookshelf, especially those of children. I utterly and completely loved this book.” Kids' Book Review
“A new classic for visitors and locals alike.” Margaret Hamilton, Librarian-Publisher–The Children’s Book Cottage
“Lyrically realised in the most wonderful use of imagery and figurative language this is pure pleasure to read.” Sue Warren, Teacher Librarian
“…a beautifully illustrated poem … A great addition to the classroom.” Jackie Hosking, Apr. 2018
Shortlist, Environment Award for Children’s Literature, 2019

I trained as a zoologist and zookeeper, and have been a children’s book author and presenter for over twenty years. Why do I write? Because it’s fun! What do I write about? Mostly my main interests – animals and the environment.