Great Barrier Reef Under Threat

By Julie Murphy (Macmillan Education Australia, 2011)

Premier’s Reading Challenge lists: South Australia (3-5), Western Australia (3-5)

This book provides an informed, unbiased review of one of Australia’s most topical environmental issues.
It features:

  • Complex issues written clearly and simply, without bias or prejudice
  • Small chunk of text makes information accessible to a wide range of student abilities
  • Variety of text features: fast facts, quotes, pie charts, tables, graphs, diagrams
  • Integrated thinking prompts encourage reader reflection


Commendation (Children’s Series), Whitley Awards, 2011
Shortlist, Environment Award for Children’s Literature, 2012

I trained as a zoologist and zookeeper, and have been a children’s book author and presenter for over twenty years. Why do I write? Because it’s fun! What do I write about? Mostly my main interests – animals and the environment.