Cover image of Cheer Up, Blobfish! (Affirm Press, 2024). Close-up image of a smiling image, by Rachel Tribout.

Cheer Up, Blobfish!

By Julie Murphy and Rachel Tribout (Affirm Press, 2024)

It’s the Festival of Fish – the biggest party of the year! Everyone seems to be having a great time … except for Blobfish. The clownfish tells some funny gags, the sawfish does magic tricks and the dolphin swims loop-the-loops, but no-one can make Blobfish happy.

Or can they?

Featuring energetic rhyme, joyful illustrations and some fascinating blobfish facts, Cheer Up, Blobfish! is a celebration of difference that stars one VERY misunderstood sea creature.

Free classroom activities for this book are available on Sue Warren’s blog.


“This fun, rhyming adventure balances elements of fiction and facts and will appeal to curious young minds.”— Books+Publishing, 2024
“A great big blobby five frown recommendation for this superb new title…” – Kids’ Book Review, 2024
“Blending science, rhyming text, and vibrant illustrations, this new release reminds us of the power of being understood.” – My Picture Book Heart (Gemma Patience), 2024
“Gloriously lyrical text … combined with utterly bright and charming illustrations … effortlessly lift the spirits of any reader.” – Just Write For Kids Australia (Romi Sharp), 2024
“Delightful.” – Megan Daley, Your Kid’s Next Read Podcast, 8/5/24
4.5 stars – Good Reading magazine, 2024
“…a great conversation starter about body language and how some children may show their enjoyment in different ways.” – Love Four Reading, 2024

I trained as a zoologist and zookeeper, and have been a children’s book author and presenter for over twenty years. Why do I write? Because it’s fun! What do I write about? Mostly my main interests – animals and the environment.