Cover image of Cheer Up, Blobfish! (Affirm Press, 2024). Close-up image of a smiling image, by Rachel Tribout.

Cheer Up, Blobfish!

By Julie Murphy and Rachel Tribout (Affirm Press, 2024)

It’s the Festival of Fish – the biggest party of the year! Everyone seems to be having a great time … except for Blobfish. The clownfish tells some funny gags, the sawfish does magic tricks and the dolphin swims loop-the-loops, but no-one can make Blobfish happy.

Or can they?

Featuring energetic rhyme, joyful illustrations and some fascinating blobfish facts, Cheer Up, Blobfish! is a celebration of difference that stars one VERY misunderstood sea creature.

I trained as a zoologist and zookeeper, and have been a children’s book author and presenter for over twenty years. Why do I write? Because it’s fun! What do I write about? Mostly my main interests – animals and the environment.